What is Paypal ?

Paypal is a simple internet payment system. This system has been on the market since as far back as 1999 and to this day it is frequently used both on ebay and at many online stores as an alternative method to a credit card. Given its widespread use, it is also common to find providers that allow its use for paying utilities or making payments of various kinds.

How does Paypal work ?
The operation of Paypal casino is very similar to that of a common bank account (see also Paypal Credit Card). In a nutshell, after opening the account you can send or receive money as well as make payments online quickly (see also Paypal Prepaid Card).

To send money, it is enough to be aware of the email of the person who is to receive the money or alternatively his or her cell phone number. Even simpler is the procedure for online purchases from ecommerce for which it is enough to tap on the “PayPal” banner. When the account holder proceeds with the payment, you will have the amount deducted from your account or even, in the case of a verified account, from the bank account/payment card if there is a lack of funds in the Paypal account itself.

The opening, as we will see shortly, is done with a simple registration, which immediately allows operation with the relevant account opened. That account can then be Verified (or not) with relative differences starting with the maximum amounts that can be sent and received.

Opening a Paypal account

First, one must open the account and then, thereafter, decide whether or not to carry out the Verified procedure so as to remove the operating limits. Here is how to perform the main operations:

go to the official Paypal website;
click on Signup Now, which is located at the top of the page, on the right side (next to the button that then in the future will allow to make the various accesses or logins);
on the next page we will be asked to choose the type of account we want to open and the country of residence. In particular, the alternatives are (Source: Paypal official website – Date: January 21, 2020):
Personal Account or Personal Account: is suitable for those who use Paypal mainly for online shopping (e.g., on ebay) or for making small money transfers.
Business Account or Business Account: is suitable for individuals or companies who intend to use Paypal as a method to receive payments on their sites or online stores.
Biffed the section on the type of account you want to open (in both cases opening is free), you must click on the blue Continue button. In our simulation we chose the type of personal account, Italy as the country of residence and filled in all the fields related to personal data. In fact during registration we will be asked for personal data, email address and password.